A Cleaner Way of Eating, a Better Way of Living

Like most people my age, youngsters living on the edge, using junk food as fuel, sugar for energy, shunning those salad bars and ignoring fruits, I became prone to hiccupping, waves of nausea, culminating with abrupt vomiting, so unnatural a state of being. My situation seemed to worsen, complicated by other serious health issues I was going through at the time. Horrified by this downturn in my condition, my thoughts coalesced and my attitude changed. I began by removing dairy from my diet. I started calming exercises to soothe my emotions, deep breathing to elevate my spirits. Soon enough I began to feel better, my skin improved. Up till then, I was repeatedly visiting doctors in search of a cure none could identify; venting my frustration to such an extent my family thought the problem was all in my head, urging me to visit a psychiatrist. In other words they gave up. I didn’t. I decided to change everything in my diet. Inventing my own recipes without dairy, without sugar became a challenge, but I persevered, constantly creating and recreating, combining natural, nutritious ingredients, making breads out of vegetables, experimenting with different flours, improving on favorites like shawarma, chocolate biscuits, my Mum’s traditional knefe recipe, even perfecting my sugar and dairy free ice cream. Soon enough I was well on the way to curing myself. Could it be, I wondered, that the future ahead lay in encouraging others to look at themselves as I did, as a person willing to change, to pursue a healthy life style primarily through cleaner eating. My latest round of checkups with the gynecologist showed me in glowing health. My polycystic ovaries were back to normal, my period had resumed, my acne had improved, no longer was I looking sickly and pale and my body shape had filled up. I felt focused, aware of things around me and all the good feelings were back. Most significantly, however, people were stunned to learn that out of the seven ulcers I once had, there were now zero. I was now absolutely convinced that my calling lay in curing people through food, to allow for healing in a natural way. I now help clients with Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, digestive disorders, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and arthritis. Soon enough schools started asking for healthy snacks for their kids, universities started requesting lectures on Celiac disease and gluten free diets, fitness professionals scheduled consultations on the nutritional side of their training, even hospitals aiming to turn holistic asked whether I could take charge of the relevant departments, to turn the old ways into the new. My kitchen will be using raw food as much as possible, food that grows in season, and doing away with anything processed or genetically modified. Everything will reflect our belief in delivering the highest quality of nutrition for the greatest benefit. Counting calories and weighing body mass is not a priority. Muscle tone and body shape will be addressed once those last few kilos have been reached, once the target weight is in sight. My aim will be to trace the problem, whether linked to medication or stress, to identify causes and to offer solutions not as a diet but as an enjoyable, sustainable way of life. Whether I delve further into traditional Chinese medicine and the insights it provides into diagnosing illnesses or whether I promote a range of Essential Oils chosen for their therapeutic powers, every new initiative, whether for the young or the old, will be approached in the same manner and with the same conviction that helped me to heal from within.

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Crystal’s Taste evolved out of a desire to promote a sense of general wellbeing through a wide range of healthy meals customized to the needs of each particular individual. Our meal delivery service provides enticing dishes, wholesome natural food, free from gluten, dairy, yeast, soy and refined sugars, sustainable and nutritious, made from fresh, seasonal ingredients and packaged with an option of formulas. We can supply lunch and dinner or the full package including breakfast and snacks. We illuminate the eating experience by including nutritional advice on the healthy recipes involved. We can provide either normal customized food or organic personalized food using local organic products that are process free. We can cater for events that require healthy gastronomic plates not only appealing to the eye but packed with nutrition.

We offer services that can attend to schools and improve on the food loved by children, motivating them to keep eating healthy and we can transform snacks into long lasting energy boosters to be enjoyed anywhere. Our Chefs, rising stars within the industry, have been chosen for their belief in encouraging a better lifestyle through cleaner eating as well as for their expertise in creating culinary delights. Our kitchens are maintained to the highest levels of hygiene eliminating any trace of contamination where modern cooking equipment is geared towards providing quality regardless of preparation time, and where the power of natural, wholesome food can be harnessed to address modern day illnesses, help in reaching an optimum standard of health while contributing to weight-loss. The food at Crystal’s Taste reflects our belief that health rises from within, that a long-term, healthy way of life complemented with the right nourishment, improves and shapes the body while providing nature’s remedies to sustainable health and happiness.