All our meal plans are completely derived from nature, created from scratch, and contain no GMO’s, additives or preservatives.

These meal plans are designed to maximize health and wellness and to assist in weight loss while never compromising on taste.

Our food will be customized to suit each particular need.

The menu below serves as an example only.

Thyme crackers goat cheese
Lahem Meshwi Hummus Roasted Veg
Fish Wrap Ratatouille
Turkey olive bread
Chicken Nugget Coleslaw Salad
Berry Cake
Pumpkin Puree Shrimps Almond Sauce
Pitta bread dairy free chanklish
Quinoa Salad
Lazy Cake
Artichoke Fish Bun
Egg sandwich
Shawerma Meat Sweet Potato Fries
Wild Rice Salad
Flaxseed fiber bread homemade dairy free labneh
Coussa Mehshi and Warak Enab
Lentil Salad
Thyme pitta bread
Carrot Rice Shrimp Curry Sauce
Carrot Cake
Sweet Potato Chicken Souflee
Coconut yogurt granola
Chicken Alfredo Paleo Pasta
Black Forest
Daoud Basha Zucchini Noodles